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Targa RallysprintRound 58 Mar 2018Overall Class
Motul RacewarsSprint5 Mar 2018Overall
Motul RacewarsVMAX Challenge4 Mar 2018Completed
Motul RacewarsDrag Racing3-4 Mar 2018Completed
Summer AutocrossRound 528 Feb 2018Overall Class Final
Barbagallo Point 2 Point Shoot OutRound 124 Feb 2018Points Times
Targa RallysprintRound 415 Feb 2018Overall Class
Summer AutocrossRound 414 Feb 2018Overall Class Final
Summer AutocrossRound 331 Jan 2018Overall Class Final
Targa RallysprintRound 311 Jan 2018Overall Class
Summer AutocrossRound 213 Dec 2017Overall Class Final
Targa RallysprintRound 27 Dec 2017Overall Class
VSCCWAStampede Hillclimb25 Nov 2017Overall
Summer AutocrossRound 18 Nov 2017Overall Class Final
Speed EventRound 125 Nov 2017Overall Class Extra ExtraCSV Sector Map
Targa RallysprintRound 12 Nov 2017Overall Class
CAMS Club ChallengeJacks Hill27 Aug 2017Team Results Overall Class
Quit Targa CupTarga City Sprint13 Aug 2017Overall Class
Quit Targa CupMid Year Rallysprint16 Jul 2017Overall Class
Quit Targa CupBunbury Sprint25 Jun 2017Overall Class
Speed EventRound 65 Jun 2017Overall Class
Speed EventRound 53 Jun 2017Overall Class Extra
VSCCWAMt Clarence Hillclimb3 Jun 2017Overall Groups
Speed EventRound 430 Apr 2017Overall Class Extra ExtraCSV Sector Map
Shannons Busselton SprintRally Sprint and Speed Event22 Apr 2017Overall Class
Quit Forest Rally 2017Super Special Stage21-22 Apr 2017Forest Rally Results
VSCCWAMt Ommanney Hillclimb1 Apr 2017Overall Extra
DriftkhanaRound 322 Mar 2017Overall
Speed EventRound 218 Mar 2017Overall Class Extra
Targa RallysprintRound 59 Mar 2017Overall Class
Motul RacewarsSprint6 Mar 2017Sprint
Motul RacewarsVMAX Challenge5 Mar 20171000m VMAX
Motul RacewarsDrag Racing4-5 Mar 20171/4 Mile Roll On 1/2 Mile Roll On
Summer AutocrossRound 51 Mar 2017Overall Class Final
Targa RallysprintRound 416 Feb 2017Overall Class
DriftkhanaRound 215 Feb 2017Overall
Summer AutocrossRound 41 Feb 2017Overall Class Final
Summer AutocrossRound 318 Jan 2017Overall Class Final
Targa RallysprintRound 312 Jan 2017Overall Class
DriftkhanaRound 111 Jan 2017Overall
Summer AutocrossRound 214 Dec 2016Overall Class
Targa RallysprintRound 28 Dec 2016Overall Class
Summer AutocrossRound 130 Nov 2016Overall Class Final
Targa RallysprintRound 110 Nov 2016Overall Class
Speed EventRound 126 Nov 2016Overall Class
VSCCWACoalfields 500 Hillclimb1 Oct 2016Overall
ApocaLaps5 - Battleground Barbagallo25 Sep 2016Overall
Quit Targa CupTarga City Sprint14 Aug 2016Overall Class Speed
Quit Targa CupMidyear Rallysprint17 Jul 2016Overall Class
Quit Targa CupBunbury Sprint26 Jun 2016Overall Class
Speed EventRound 66 Jun 2016Overall Class
Speed EventRound 54 Jun 2016Overall Class Extra Extra CSV
SprintkhanaRound 215 May 2016Sprintkhana Results
Speed EventRound 430 Apr 2016Overall Class
Shannons Busselton SprintRally Sprint and Speed Event23 Apr 2016SpeedEvent-Overall SpeedEvent-ByClass RallySprint-Overall RallySprint-ByClass
Quit Forest Rally 2016Super Special Stage22-23 Apr 2016Forest Rally Results
DriftkhanaRound 320 Apr 2016Overall
2016 MG NationalsCircuit Sprint28 Mar 2016Overall Class
DriftkhanaRound 223 Mar 2016Overall
Speed EventRound 320 Mar 2016Overall Class Sprint Laps Practice Laps
Speed EventRound 219 Mar 2016Overall Class
McRae RallysprintRound 510 Mar 2016Overall Class
Summer AutocrossRound 502 Mar 2016Overall Class
DriftkhanaRound 124 Feb 2016Overall
McRae RallysprintRound 411 Feb 2016Overall Class
Summer AutocrossRound 403 Feb 2016Overall Class Final
McRae RallysprintRound 314 Jan 2016Overall Class
Summer AutocrossRound 306 Jan 2016Overall Class Final
ApocaLapsv2.106 Dec 2015Skid Pan 1 Skid Pan 2 Main Track/Sprint
Summer AutocrossRound 202 Dec 2015Overall Class Final
McRae RallysprintRound 226 Nov 2015Overall Class
Summer AutocrossRound 111 Nov 2015Overall Class Final
Speed Event / Australian Hill Climb ChampionshipRound 1006-08 Nov 2015Overall Class Extras
McRae RallysprintRound 129 Oct 2015Overall Class
Speed EventRound 903 Oct 2015Overall Class
Speed EventRound 812 Sep 2015Overall Class
Speed EventRound 601 Jun 2015Overall Class
Speed EventRound 530 May 2015Overall Class
Speed EventRound 418 Apr 2015Overall Class
Speed EventRound 214 Mar 2015Overall Class